Our venues, The Grand Factory and AHM, became a hub for expression, artistic development and musical contribution. To the people of Lebanon, our clubs were not just venues, they became cultural landmarks and melting pots for different communities who make Beirut what it is. With the fundraiser, we aim at focusing all our efforts on rebuilding The Grand Factory.


Factory People has been operating on the ground since 2005 and has grown into an industry leader creating cultural and legacy projects. This growth was achieved with no government support or with heavy bank loans, and our company was profitable and in zero debt. Our driving force is building positive communities through arts and culture.


It takes 173 dedicated employees to do what we do. Across our clubs and events, we have hosted over 5,000 people weekly, and invited over 400 artists yearly from the region and all over the world. We introduced them to our country and our culture, so that they appreciate Lebanon enough to talk about it and to return to it. Our spaces are a platform for local artists who have played some of their best nights at our events. Our venues signify hope, unity and togetherness to a large portion of the Lebanese youth. Operating all-year round, we have built safe spaces that have come to represent an escape from the difficulties of every-day life.